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Dream the impossible dream and nature will lift you up
Timeless (4 of 10)Over the Edge (3 of 10)Wild & Free (2 of 10)Hague Brook, AdirondacksGorge Trail at Buttermilk Falls SPHague Brook, AdirondacksOld Mill Falls, Treman SP, IthacaAusable River, Keene Valley - AdirondacksFalls on Fishkill , Treman SP, IthacaCascadilla Gorge Falls, IthacaOld Mill Falls, Treman SP, IthacaTequendamita Falls, MedellinGorge Trail at Buttermilk Flls SPGorge Trail at Buttermilk Flls SPCascadilla Gorge Falls, IthacaCascadilla Gorge Falls, IthacaCascadilla Gorge Falls, IthacaButtermilk FallsButtermilk FallsLetchworth