The Making of "Seeking Serenity - the True Nature of Long Island"

A. Graziano Photography

Seeking Serenity - the True Nature of Long Island
by Anthony F. Graziano

The making of my book "Seeking Serenity" was at least partially motivated when I was asked what seemed a simple question that went something like this. Is it still possible to experience serene, natural, unspoiled places to enjoy in solitude on Long Island? The assumption being, how can this be possible in such a busy suburban area amongst millions of people. While I knew that the answer was yes, I wondered to what degree it was actually possible? Thus began a labor of love that encompasses a body of work over a decade in the making. You can READ THE FULL STORY HERE. Please share your feedback and thoughts in the comment section. 

Here's a link to purchase the book “Seeking Serenity - the True Nature of Long Island”



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