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Created 16-Dec-22
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This holiday tribute to Mary Ann Ciano, and all other souls and spirits like her's, who have overcome deep adversity, then spent the rest of their lives helping others.

'MARY ANN collected what is wonderfully presented here over a forty year period. The collection represents some of the many things A BEAUTIFUL PERSON cared for. Each had special meaning for Mary Ann and to keep her memory alive they are offered as keepsakes to family and friends.
This is an invitation to please select an ornament from the collection as a way to remember Mary Ann at a time of peace, serenity, joy and goodwill.

A. Select one item as your first choice. Also please select alternative items in case first choice is already claimed.

B. Please respond to your email invitation to let me know what you have selected and your items will be marked as "claimed" and reserved for you.

C. Items will be sent to you in the coming year.